Informasi lowongan pekerjaan Senior Driver periode 14-May-2020 - 14-Jun-2020

Senior Driver

  • Post Date: 14-May-2020 TIDAK AKTIF

Batas Pendaftaran: 14-Jun-2020 13:58 Operasional

Jumlah Posisi : 15
Lokasi Kerja : BP Site (West Papua)
Minimal Pendidikan : SMA/SMK

PT Vadhana International is a Private Company engaged in the field of Construction, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Oil and Gas which operates in North Sumatera, West Sumatera, Riau, South Sumatera, Lampung, DKI Jakarta, East Java, East Kalimantan, and West Papua .

At present we, PT Vadhana International, are opening opportunities for job seekers to work with us in the positions needed as Senior Driver.

Following are some detailed information related to job vacancies at PT Vadhana International including requirements and documents that must be prepared in submitting a job application to PT Vadhana International.


  • At the minimum shall possess a Senior High School diploma.

  • Possessing Driving License type B1 at minimum.

  • Has at minimum 5 years’ experience, preferable in project.

  • Completing Defensive Driving Training.

  • Have a good manner and communication skill.

  • Do not wear glasses.

  • Able to deal with simple mechanical fault, such as changing a wheel.

  • Have a good performance in terms of safety, attendance, attitude.

  • A proven written record i.e. monthly time sheet and other record as necessary to support driver’s “ good performance “.

- Bachelor's degree
- KTP + KK
- BPJS TK and Health
- Competency Certificate
- Photograph (Formal)

For job seekers and candidates who are interested and in accordance with all the criteria that have been submitted and written above, please immediately submit an application file and become part of our PT Vadhana International, please apply for a job application online through the PT Vadhana International Recruitment E system, we are not accepts application files sent offline and only processes applications made online from the PT Vadhana International Recruitment E system.

E Recruitment of PT Vadhana International